Got a question about our web app or push notifications?

You can find answers to many frequently asked questions below. By installing our web app and / or accepting push notifications, including on desktop, we can help to make sure you never miss your favourite artist on tour, bring you special offers and lots more. For anything else, please contact our Customer Services team. 


What is the Live Nation web app?

By installing the Live Nation web app, you'll add a bookmark which gives you easy access to the Live Nation site. Unlike other apps, it won't take up lots of room on your device and also means you can get notifications about new tours and events. Install the web app today and never miss a thing! 

How do I install the app?

If you're using an Android device, you'll see a banner when you visit the Live Nation website on your mobile. This will ask you to ‘Add Live Nation to Home Screen’, click on the banner to accept. You'll then see another pop up message asking you to confirm and you'll just need to click on ‘Add’.

This isn’t the same as an app in the App or Google Play Store, so rather than downloading it you’re just installing it onto your home screen. Nothing except the link to our site is stored on your phone, which is why it takes up very little room. 

Because this is such new technology, right now this will only work if you’re on an Android phone. However, if you’re on iOS, or if you don’t see the banner pop up, you can add the app yourself.  You’ll just need to go to your settings while you’re on the Live Nation website and choose ‘Add to Home Screen’.  

What happens when I install the web app?

A Live Nation icon will appear on your home screen. If you tap on this, you’ll launch the web app and be able to browse the Live Nation website with all the same pages and features you’re used to seeing.

If you’ve also signed up to push notifications, you’ll receive these on your phone whenever they’re sent.  You’ll see a notification arrive, and a flag will appear on the app.

How do I uninstall it?

If you don’t want the web app any more then just press and hold on the Live Nation icon, and then select ‘uninstall’.  If you change your mind you can always come back and install again!

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are a way of receiving instant updates from Live Nation about shows, presales, offers and more. These will show on your browser or mobile, depending on where you opt in and if you click on the notification it will take you to to a page on our site to find out more.

How can I opt in to notifications?

When you visit the Live Nation site, a message will appear asking for your permission to receive push notifications from Live Nation. If you accept this on desktop, a second message will appear directly from your browser asking you to confirm this choice. Once you accept the second message, you’ll be signed up to receive notifications from us on all our announcements and new shows!

If you’re on your phone, for now this is only available on Android.  If you’re using iOS you’ll need to wait a little bit longer until they build this functionality which we’re hoping will be soon.

If you’re on a desktop, this is only available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. If you’re on a Mac, you can still receive push notifications if you’re using Chrome.

How can I opt out of notifications?

You can opt out by clicking on a push notification you've received. Either press and hold on the notification or if you’re in a browser right click on it and then select the option to disable the notification.

You can also opt out through your browser settings. 

Privacy Policy & Settings

Opting out of personalisation does not affect push notifications and cookies settings.  To find out more about personalisation and cookies, please see our privacy policy and cookies policy.