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    Few bands have had a career as illustrious as Within Temptation. Since their foundation in 1996 by long-term partners vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt the venerable Dutch symphonic metallers have made confident strides into the annals of rock and metal history courtesy a sterling recording output that has become synonymous with integrity and a cast-iron commitment to forge a career according to their unique creative vision.

    A legion of fans and accolades have followed in their wake, and a staggering 20+ years later they’re showing no signs of slowing down or bending to the fickle inducements of fashion. Arguably, it’s that focus and singularity of purpose that has ensured their ability to weather changing trends as well as the pitfalls of a profoundly transformed recording industry, and it’s apparent that they’re not afraid to rock the boat, either.

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