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Progression and subversion coincide.

By subverting the ideals and constructs of society, rules, and religion, progress transpires.  Poppy leverages evolution as a weapon for transformation. By doing so, she asserts herself as an anti-hero for a gender-less and genre-less world in need of a god-dess. Her quiet rise from incalculable phenomenon viewed over half-a-billion times on YouTube into unassuming paragon of high culture, high fashion, and high art extolled by everyone from HIGHSNOBIETY to Flaunt fuels her metamorphosis as “Poppy Version X.” Embodying “alternative” in the truest sense of the word, she bleeds the boundaries between pop, progressive, and electronic underpinned by unpredictable time signatures shifts and heavy edge on her third full-length and debut for Sumerian Records, I Disagree.

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