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Hailing from a quaint coastal haven in the heart of Scotland, NATI. has ignited a global phenomenon that's shaking up the music scene. Shedding her former name Natidreddd, she emerges as NATI., symbolising a thrilling transformation. In the pulsating rhythm of 2023, NATI. has not only amassed an impressive near 2 million followers across the digital soundscape but has also hit the road, sharing stages with legends like Tidelines, Newton Faulkner, and Simply Red. Those captivating live-streamed shows not only enthralled fans worldwide but also emboldened NATI. to bid farewell to her 9-to-5 job and wholeheartedly embrace her musical destiny.

In 2022, NATI. embarked on a triumphant UK journey, leaving sold-out imprints all across Scotland, with the legendary King Tut's witnessing a lightning-fast sellout show within hours. The pinnacle of her journey was marked by a monumental headline performance at Glasgow's St. Luke's in 2023. NATI. has been crafting a tapestry of creativity, writing heartfelt original compositions. Her debut single, crafted alongside the visionary Rich Turvey of 'Blossoms' fame, is out now. The stage was set for a scorching summer as NATI. headlined festivals and offered glimpses of her debut EP through a series of captivating singles, paving the way for its full release in the heart of October. NATI.'s story stands as a living testament that dreams are more than mere fantasies – they can indeed materialise into reality. 


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