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Born in Atlanta, GA in the late 1990s, Mariah The Scientist began her musical journey, whether or not she’d realized it, when she was just a child. She was exposed to a variety of musical styles and genres at an early age by her father, and her curiosity only grew from there. This made for quite the full-circle moment in 2022. “Coldplay comes [to Atlanta], someone that he was definitely playing for me as a child, and then I open for them,” Mariah recalls. In her late teenage years, she moved to NYC to study biology at St. John’s University. However, her musical curiosity would not stay quelled, and she eventually made the difficult decision to halt her scholastic pursuit to chase her dreams. To Die For gave her a reputation on campus as an artist with promise. It wasn’t long before her buzz reached further than the St. John’s student body. “I had to decide if I was or wasn’t going to re-enroll, and it was fine. We signed a million-dollar deal a year later.” Thus, the “Mariah The Scientist” we know today was born.


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