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Olivia Mason aka LYVIA is an emerging artist hailing from Nottingham, UK. She first captured hearts as a contestant on 'The Voice UK,' where her honest and soulful voice immediately resonated with audiences. Since then, LYVIA has continued to captivate listeners well beyond the show, paving her own path to viral stardom.

What began as a spontaneous street corner performance, accompanied by her signature mug of tea, has blossomed into a full-blown phenomenon. Her music has touched millions of hearts, with audiences eagerly waiting to add LYVIA’s captivating melodies to their libraries. She effortlessly weaves heartfelt and poetic lyrics, painting her personal experiences into each song.

Adding depth to her musical identity, LYVIA incorporates elements of spoken word and poetic rap, creating a multi-dimensional musical journey for everyone that listens. With a unique blend of soulful vocals, genuine storytelling, and unfiltered authenticity, LYVIA promises to continue enchanting audiences as she carves her own unique space in the music industry


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