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Having gained an ardent cult following with their 2021 debut ‘This Time Next Year’ and the rollicking 2022 follow-up ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’, 2023 saw Kid Kapichi arrive with their third album in as many years – a testament from one of the UK’s hardest working bands, and one who preach a message of urgency.

It was punk royalty Frank Carter who first spotlighted the band after inviting them to play at his birthday party before inviting them on tour. From then, it was a steady ascent that saw their fearless and socially conscious tales of modern life take Kid Kapichi from some struggling mates with day jobs to their lockdown-busting debut.

“It’s been a fun, rough ride,” admits Wilson of the band’s journey through obscurity and pub backrooms to becoming the threat to the mainstream they are today. “It’s been non-stop and GO GO GO from the start, but we’ve always felt like you have to keep your foot on the gas constantly. We wouldn’t know what to do otherwise. We live in a boring seaside town, so what else can you do but write music with your mates?”

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