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Born in London, England, Jay Sean was a hip-hop kid with a knack for diverse singing and songwriting. At 22, he began his journey in music with the 2003 track “Dance with You” as part of the Rishi Rich Project. A year later he flew solo with his critically acclaimed debut album Me Against Myself.

By 2008, he was delivering international hits like the original “Ride It” and “Maybe” before inking a serendipitous deal with Cash Money Records that brought him full-fledged into the American mainstream. “Down” was the catalyst, a dance-infused Pop cut featuring Young Money figurehead Lil Wayne, with accents of soul that proved Jay Sean had layers to his versatility, punctuated with the crossover success of his third studio album All or Nothing.

He took his interests overseas after his 2013 final Cash Money release Neon, securing an international deal and working with top- tier artists like Sean Paul and Maluma on the Reggaetón tinged “Make My Love Go” plus “Thinking About You” with Hardwell among many others.  In 2019/2020, Jay Sean returned with a bang, when his song “Ride It,“ which had already been a hit back in 2008, was remixed by DJ Regard and embraced by Tiktok, which pushed the Remix into the Top 10 in almost every country in the world. Jay won BMI songwriter of the year awards both in America and in the UK in both 2020 AND again in 2021.

Incredibly, Jay was the first Asian artists in history to have Billboard #1 in America. He was also the first Asian AND first British artist to have two simultaneous top 10 Billboard singles. To add another feather to his success-cap, Jay is also the first British and first Asian artist to have a Spanish Language #1 in America. In short, Jay’s career of firsts makes it clear that he is truly a “1 of 1” type star. He has a proven track record of mastering any genre he touches. “You ask me what my sound is?” he asks. “Global. That’s my sound... that’s who I am”.

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