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Greta Lovisa is a singer/songwriter with roots stemming from both German and Swedish cultures. Greta and music go way back – she strummed her first song, "Mein Traum" ("My Dream"), on a guitar when she was just four years old . Back then, it was all about her dreaming of being on stage, belting out tunes. Greta’s journey with music has been quite a ride. She began with the violin, then fell in love with the piano. From singing to her family to hitting stages at English festivals, each performance brought pure joy to her soul. Greta’s music? It's a mix of Pop and Soul, tinged with a bit of her charming Swedish accent. London is where she calls home now; the city's vibe feeds her creative spirit, especially when jazz melodies fill the air. Beyond the tunes, she has an undeniable fondness for cats, even though they make her sneeze! Other than her passion for music, her heart lies in being there for others. She’s found a knack for understanding people's emotions and being a comforting presence in tough times. Life for Greta is all about painting stories with melodies and harmonies, inviting you to join her on a serene journey through heartfelt compositions that speak from the depths of her soul.


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