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DAYSEEKER embody what a rock band can be in the 21st century. Untethered from rules and agnostic of genre confines, the Southern California quartet—Rory Rodriguez [vocals], Gino Sgambelluri [guitar], Ramone Valerio [bass], and Mike Karle [drums]—exist outside of any and all boundaries. As such, they seamlessly absorb culture at lightspeed, layering hypnotic hard rock and metallic catharsis above soundscapes punctuated by glistening post-pop, experimental indie, and alternative R&B. Tallying hundreds of millions of streams, selling out shows, and earning acclaim from the likes of Alternative Press and more, the band crystallize this outlier vision on their fifth full-length offering, Dark Sun [Spinefarm Records].

Grinding on a series of independent releases, DAYSEEKER reached critical mass with Sleeptalk. The title track “Sleeptalk” impressively gathered 25 million Spotify streams and over 4 million YouTube views on the music video.

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