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Over the last few years she’s had to make bold moves like leaving major labels behind to carve her own path. She spent the last two years releasing on her independent label Jump The Fence and has now signed with indie label Play It Again Sam, she has been busy creating create indie pop tracks infused with punk and soul that feel true to her riotous roots. With her last two EPs she’s taken a far more DIY approach with everything from songwriting to music video directing. But the gear change has certainly been well received. BBC Radio 1 named Connie artist of the month for August last year while The Guardian described her sound as a “strikingly effective combination of disparate strains of British pop”.

Her new album, Miss Power, is both nostalgic and zeitgeist, imbued with powerful drums, playful guitar riffs, and anthemic feminist rage via playful lyricism like: “I’m not your perfect little princess and I have my own unique vagina” as well as the hard hitting screams “I’m not a specimen for you just to study and your opinion does not count for nothing”. These lyrics hint at the way women, Connie in particular, have to rally against external voices. Especially as a songwriter. She held her cards close to her chest for the project as she finds that too many cooks spoil her auditory broth by getting too many opinions on her demos. “You can kind of mess it up before you’ve even given birth to it.”


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