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This show has moved from 31st May to 28th August. All tickets remain valid. Ticket holders will be contact by ticket agents. Statement from the artist: 

“Alright my pals. Hope everyone’s safe and sound and looking after one another. Crazy times we’re in. You all know the drill with events and stuff. Anyone that knows me knows all I care about is folk having a class night and getting home safe so it’s a no brainer to move some of the earlier dates. All tickets will remain valid. Not ideal but pales in comparison to the s*** other folk are going through. 

Re: the album 

Not smart to release during a lockdown when the shops are closed and everyone’s isolating but no chance I’m letting folk down. Never gave a f*** about numbers anyway not gny start now.Album’s out 17th April. Again hope everyone’s keeping clean and healthy. Got a mad couple of weeks ahead of us. Stay solid. Stay clever. Look after the oldies. C u on the other side.️”

Gerry Cinnamon

Fri 28 Aug 2020

Doors: TBD

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