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A folk singer and a electro-bassist walked into a bar at a Halifax guitar rock festival, and what happened next? They got drunk, danced, fell in love, formed a band, got married, danced some more, abducted a drummer named Joel, ran away to London, England, and never looked back.

With the release of the first single from their 3rd album, Dragonette prove once and for all what die hard fans have known since 2005 – that together they are so much more than the sum of their separate (and very shapely!) parts: Dan Kurtz and Martina Sorbara are marrieds, songwriters, business partners, best-frenemies, co-conspirators, hometown sweethearts and a mass of cultural contradictions all rolled into a single tasty, tangy pop package - who glow with a combined energy that’s both forward-looking and nostalgic, homely and cutting-edge.

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